Robertson reveals Liverpool confident overcoming Real Madrid despite empty Anfield

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Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson has revealed his teammates are confident they can overturn a 3-1 deficit against Real Madrid on Wednesday.

The Reds will have to play the return leg of their Champions League quarter-final in front of an empty Anfield.

While Robertson admits the lack of fans will hurt his side, the Scotsman believes that hasn't dented the belief within the dressing room.

"We have to create our own atmosphere and a Champions League night at Anfield without the fans," he said.

"The Barcelona game, I don't think it's any secret that wouldn't have been possible without the fans.

"The fans made us feel 10 feet tall, they made us believe even more

"In the changing room before the game, we believed we could overturn it but walking out to 55,000 other people who believed gave you that extra five or 10% with makes a huge difference.

"But we have to create that ourselves. Our fans are watching it at home and they'll be kicking every ball with us, but we need to try to create that atmosphere on the training ground before we go out on the pitch."

Robertson added: "We need to have high intensity as we can be – it's the quarter-final of the Champions League.

It shouldn't take much for us to get up for a quarter-final of the Champions League, and it won't.

"The lads are motivated and determined to try to progress, but we are up against a very good team, an experienced team who have been there and done it before.

"It's a big task for us and it isn't the same as the Barcelona game. We can't rely on the fact we came back in that game that we are going to come back in this one.

"We believe we can win the game. If we do that it gives us a fighting chance, let's see if it's enough on the night.

"Our determination is to take our chances, keep a clean sheet and make it as uncomfortable for them as possible."