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Rio Ferdinand finally has nice things to say about Arsenal for a change

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Rio Ferdinand’s assessment of Arteta; nice words from a former Red Devil... By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello family, it is always a good thing when people who normally criticize you suddenly change their minds and praise and extol you, and even say good things about you to others.

Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United player has come out to defend Arteta for a change, while also saying nice complimentary things about the Spaniard. And to be honest, what he said is nothing but the truth.

Things happen to be going in the right direction for Arteta, but most people still don’t understand what Arteta has brought to Arsenal. Well, this is what Rio had to say to help people understand the current atmosphere at Arsenal.

“I actually went to Arsenal’s training ground the other day. I had a talk with some of the under-23’s and some of the coaches there,” the former Manchester United man told Vibe With Five podcast. “I got a sense that they’re all on the same page. And they’ve all got a genuine belief of where the club is going. From the youngsters, the young people and young coaches all the way up to the first team. And they’re in a good vein of form right now, bar their last game.

“So they’re seeing Arteta trying to implement a certain philosophy, a certain DNA at the football club, a certain type of recruitment. Before this season there were a lot of doubts surrounding players and coaches behind the scenes, bits of doubt here and there because the results weren’t coming.

“Now we’ve started to see some consistency with results, that energy changes, and I felt that energy when I walked in the training ground.” Rio ended.

In all sincerity, Arteta has gradually built a team in his mould, a team that plays the game the way he wants, and how he wants it. His philosophy may not be popular with a lot of people, but the people that really matter are the players and other coaches in the club. If they are happy with him and are on the same page with him, then Arsenal fans should expect more positive wins henceforth.

We are Arsenal and proud.


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