Rio de Janeiro plans to resume football in stadiums at half capacity

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Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Rio de Janeiro plans to resume football in stadiums at half capacity

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, the state football championships were suspended indefinitely as was the case around the world.

However, the clubs in Rio are collaborating so that training can resume, and consequently, the return of the Campeonato Carioca as soon as possible.

In the midst of this, the Rio de Janeiro government drew up a social pact for health and the economy that includes the return of football in the state.

According to UOL, the return of football matches in Rio de Janeiro is expected to happen with stadiums filled to 50 per cent capacity.

Supporters at the matches must remain two metres apart at all times and the mandatory use of masks will be enforced.

There are also plans for all areas used, such as grandstands, toilets, and common areas, to be constantly disinfected.

On Friday, Governor Wilson Witzel eased up on his earlier stance about clubs returning to training, which makes it appear that Flamengo will avoid serious sanctions for returning without prior authorization.

“It has been a controversial issue since the beginning. What I said I am against is the worry-free training of managers.

“In the same way that the athletes will have the concern of the leaders, the responsibility is theirs. Athletes must be protected, their careers are theirs.

“The decision must be made by the associative entities. I was never against it, I just can’t have an audience.

“I was never against Flamengo to play again, much less Fluminense, Vasco and Botafogo. Clubs are responsible for their athletes.”

Flamengo won the Taça Guanabara portion of the Campeonato Carioca and have won all three matches so far in Taça Rio Group B play.

Should Flamengo also win the Taça Rio, they will automatically win the Carioca by virtue of having swept both competitions.