Report: Meeting between Super League teams concludes, Barcelona to stay part of the project for time being

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Football continues to provide turns and twist in the tale of the European Super League, and when the fans thought they had won the battle, it seems the war is still left. After a meeting concluded between the 12 clubs of the European Super League, Cope reports that Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have decided to continue with the project for now.

Manchester City announced their decision to withdraw from it, while Chelsea still have doubts over it.

Liverpool players have all publicly spoken against it as well on their social medias, while Ed Woodward has resigned as Chairman of Manchester United.

That said, Barcelona are yet to put this under vote from the club members, who hold the power to vote against it.

If the several reports are to believed, though, it seems extremely unlikely thay the project will go ahead. With City already out, and Chelsea to probably follow, they will lose two of their most prized assets. Meanwhile Barcelona fans can hope that the members do the right thing in the face of adversity.