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Raúl Gudiño admits he wanted to stay at Chivas

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Blaise Bourgeois

Raúl Gudiño has admitted that he wanted to stay at Chivas as the goalkeeper is set to leave upon expiry of his contract.

Gudiño was allegedly punished for not signing a new deal, being replaced by long-time deputy Miguel Jiménez. However, he was able to play one final time as Jiménez left this weekend’s second-leg due to injury.

Despite being on his way out, Gudiño seemingly will leave without regret or resentment.

“It was my idea to stay at Chivas, to be at this institution,” he said.

“I’m sad for not having reached an agreement or anything, I think both parties made a great effort, but in the end it’s football.

“It’s time to follow other paths and goals to move forward. It hurts not to continue in the club that created me, in where I was trained, at the club where it’s practically been my life since I was 11 years old.

“But they are stages, we leave sad, it hurts us all to leave home, but we continue to aspire and prepare for what is to come.”

It’s not known whether or not Gudiño will continue playing in Mexico or abroad.

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