Rangers surprise as true nature of season becomes clear in shock stat

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Regulars will know Ibrox Noise like our stats. They reveal things subjective opinion doesn’t quite see, and presents facts in a way which demonstrates reality might not be quite what your perception dictates.

And whoscored.com has a host of stats to chew through, from player, to team, to attribute, you name it.

But the most staggering stat we have found this season is the following:

Rangers’ stats are middle of the table in just about every area of the pitch. Top scorer, assists, situational, defensive, passing – you name that too. Yes, every forensic stat we could find saw Rangers somewhere from second place at best, to worst.

But the one single stat which counts is points, and that’s the only one Rangers top.

It’s a staggering display of resilience, which demonstrates even though Rangers throughout the pitch are frankly average this season, they’re winning, they keep winning when it counts.

This is important. Winning when playing poorly, and we are. Winning and playing poorly.

If you look up any stat, even including number of passes and crosses, Rangers never get to number one in any of them Even our usual dominant possession, Celtic are ahead of us.

And yet, none of these matters when you’re at the top of the table.

Which Rangers are now.

We must get through this spell of playing poorly, because we’re winning through it. Doesn’t matter if our defence is poor and our scorers aren’t prolific, we top the table.

And that’s the vital statistic.

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