Rangers sell a big dummy on Igamane and Kabayadi duo | OneFootball

Rangers sell a big dummy on Igamane and Kabayadi duo | OneFootball

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Ibrox Noise

·25 June 2024

Rangers sell a big dummy on Igamane and Kabayadi duo

Article image:Rangers sell a big dummy on Igamane and Kabayadi duo

As some eagle-eyed readers will have spotted, Ibrox Noise was fed duff info on the announcement of Hamza Igamane, with the Moroccan striker’s supposed Monday unveil failing to materialise, and Rangers only offering an update to young Robbie Fraser, the 21-year-old signing a new deal (congratulations to the lad).

It does happen, we get things wrong, and one Rangers-supporting punter made us giggle with the comment ‘do you ever get anything right’.

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Well apart from all the things we do get right, no, probably not!

The reality is readers have better things to do than tally up all our hits or misses, and it is much easier to remember a mistake than when something was correct – mainly because the brain always notes things that ‘go wrong’ much more dramatically and easily than things which ‘go smoothly’.

If a source gets something right, it’s forgotten pretty quickly, but when it’s wrong, that’s remembered for a very long time.

And that’s the nature of the beast. Most reviews on trustpilot are complaining about things that went wrong with a product or service; when it all went smoothly there’s a lot less chance of a review.

Which is why a small company will ask for a review if you’re happy with the service, because your likelihood of remembering good service or, specifically, going online to praise it is a lot less than complaining about a mistake or bad service.

But this is getting a little bit away from the point!

The fact is ITK sources had Igamane announced by Rangers on Monday, and it didn’t happen – we went on info we had, and it was wrong, plain and simple.

Question is why – ours sources are generally accurate, within ‘chance’ and avoiding the old ‘last minute screw up’, so we do wonder why this one deceived those who are normally on the ball.

Indeed, pre-weekend our sources had both he and Yusuf Kabadayi being confirmed over Saturday and Sunday, and that didn’t materialise either, meaning Rangers have clearly either sold a lot of sources a heck of a dummy, or there’s been an issue.

Now the Fourth Official (of dubious reliability, in fairness) claim their info is that the pair will be in training by Wednesday, indicating they expect a Tuesday/Wednesday announcement.

We suspect no one really knows now when Igamane will be sorted, and with the Kabadayi one a bit confusing as well we will just do the same as everyone else, and wait till the scarves are being held up.

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