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·22 September 2023

Rangers’ Resilience Shines in Win Against Real Betis

Article image:Rangers’ Resilience Shines in Win Against Real Betis

A Night of Redemption at Ibrox

Rangers made a triumphant return to the Europa League, securing a narrow yet commendable victory against Real Betis. The Glasgow side, having experienced a challenging time in the Champions League last season, showcased a more composed and assured performance at Ibrox, with summer recruit Abdallah Sima sealing the opening-night win amidst a chaotic scramble.

Goalkeeper’s Heroics

Jack Butland, Rangers’ goalkeeper, played a pivotal role in maintaining the lead, making crucial saves against the La Liga contenders. Real Betis, with Abde Ezzalzouli showcasing his class, posed a significant threat, especially in the first half, but Butland’s alertness and agility kept the opponents at bay, preserving the mood of anticipation in Glasgow.

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A Battle of Resilience

The match was not without its frustrations, reminiscent of the struggles Rangers have faced at the start of this campaign. The home crowd witnessed several missed opportunities, notably from Rabbi Matondo and Sima. However, Rangers displayed a resilient front, with Butland thwarting Ezzalzouli’s attempts and the team capitalising on a period of dominance to finally secure the much-deserved goal against La Liga’s 10th placed team.

Player of the Match – Kemar Roofe

Kemar Roofe stood out amidst fabulous technical footballers from Betis, including Ezzalzouli, Luis Henrique, and the highly decorated Isco. The victory against such skilled opponents marks a significant achievement for Rangers, reflecting their resilience, energy, and unwavering spirit.

Manager’s Reflections

Michael Beale, Rangers’ manager, expressed satisfaction with his side’s resilience and energy. The victory, although deserved, highlighted areas for improvement, and Beale emphasised the need for belief and passion, which were evident in the second half and the goal that typified the team’s spirit.

Opponent’s Perspective

Manuel Pellegrini, Real Betis’ coach, acknowledged Rangers’ goalkeeper’s role in the match and expressed satisfaction with his team’s play, emphasising the importance of scoring to secure a win.

A Glimpse at the Stats

Rangers broke their streak of defeats in Europe and registered a clean sheet for the first time in 13 games. Real Betis, on the other hand, faced their third consecutive loss in Europe. Rangers have now secured four consecutive Europa League home wins and remain unbeaten in seven at Ibrox.


The match against Real Betis marked a turning point for Rangers, reflecting a blend of resilience, skill, and determination. The victory is a testament to the team’s potential and a step forward in their Europa League journey.

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