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Rangers red herrings as transfer window continues

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With Rangers’ transfer window thus far a very disappointing damp squib, we must wonder how many of these supposed deals are actually red herrings.

If there’s one thing Rangers have been good at in the past few years it’s doing deals on the quiet, with press only getting wind of it in the final stages.

James Sands and Mateusz Zukowski are two examples, along with Amad Diallo and Ramsey, of deals which were pretty much done by the time the media got to them, and at that point it wasn’t long before the players were paraded.

Other obvious examples were the duo in 2020, where Kemar Roofe and Cedric Itten showed up out of nowhere and were signed pretty much on the day. Yes, there had been some small whispers about Roofe for a while, but the deal was kept extremely quiet.

But the reality we’re getting as is all the names linked – how many of them are deliberate red herrings designed to throw us off the real work?

How do we know it’s not a big ruse designed to throw the pack off the scent of what the club are really doing?

What we’re getting as is we’re not sure we trust any of these stories until we see the player paraded in the shirt.

And while there’s been zero action on that front so far, hopefully it will kick in before the season really starts.

Clock’s a-ticking…

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