Rangers on verge of banking £60M thanks to Celtic humiliation

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We don’t think we can begin to explain the significance of Celtic’s exit from the Champions League last night.

Let’s be clear – Rangers still have a LOT of work to get through even beyond Malmo, and even more to secure the group stage – absolutely zero complacency here, because it will be far from easy.

But if, IF Rangers can negotiate the treacherous path to the competition proper, Celtic’s hapless exit at the hands of the Danish side has just handed Steven Gerrard a colossal £50M point off the bat.

We demonstrated the figures in an entry a couple of months ago, and we held the huge caveat that Celtic could still make it to the group stage and spoil that financial party. Well that threat is gone.

All the TV money, if Rangers get to the groups, and all the prize cash is Rangers’ and Rangers’ alone.

It doesn’t split with anyone, and just as Celtic have benefited a couple of times from being in the group stage the past decade on their own, it’s now Rangers’ turn to see the filthy lucre on offer from UEFA’s prime competition come into our coffers exclusively.

The prize money for getting to the group alone is around £30M for Scotland. We pegged Rangers’ split to be the £15M. But now ALL of it comes to Rangers. TV cash? What a lot of fans don’t know is Scotland’s TV income is split with the PL clubs because it’s the UK pot – Rangers will get around £20M purely because of where we are.

That means that even before gate receipts and match draw and prize money, Rangers, if we get there, secure pretty much £50M off the bat.

And add gate receipts to that (£6M) plus fixture draw and win money (£1M – £5M) and that’s a potential £10M bonus.

So add all of these numbers up and it’s fantasy football – we’re talking in the region of £60M now.

All because Celtic couldn’t beat the Danes.

We need to get there, and we need to throw everything into ensuring we do.

Let’s go.

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