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Rangers confirmed as 10th all-time Euro great

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Rangers fans are this morning rightly making a lot about swissfootballdata.com’s latest compilation which confirms that since 1955/56 and the start of the co-efficient, Rangers, unsurprisingly, have contributed more to the European cause than Celtic, are the number one in Scotland, and incredibly, are 10th all-time in Europe overall.

The stunning list revealed the full extent of coefficients for the top 100 clubs throughout Europe, and Rangers are above Inter, Milan, Liverpool, Arsenal and, yes, Celtic, who languish behind in 15th.

What’s all the more staggering about this list is it INCLUDES the period from 2012 to 2017 when Rangers were unable to add even a single point to the coefficient given we were obviously unable to qualify for any form of European football.

Meanwhile, only once in their history have Celtic been unable to enter Euro qualifiers at the very least, so despite winning the European Cup they trail Rangers by a long way.

Indeed, Rangers have been to SIX European finals, winning one, while Celtic have been to just three.

So it’s really no surprise that Rangers would soar way ahead in these rankings, with only the absolute best in Europe ahead of us – Madrid, Barca, Benfica, Man Utd, Juve, Bayern – that’s the only calibre of side better than Rangers.

Worth noting, isn’t it?

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