Rangers boss Gerrard: The key advice Liverpool manager Klopp gave me

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Rangers boss Steven Gerrard says he's happy at Ibrox.

The Liverpool great insists his career plan is focused on leading Gers in next season's Champions League.

"I remember that I had a conversation with Jürgen (Klopp) about the coaching profession before I even took this role," Gerrard tells Sky Sports.

"What are some of the most important things you can tell me? What can I take from you that will help me move forward?. He always said to try to be as balanced as possible. Now I know exactly why he said that. This trip takes you everywhere.

"It offers fantastic emotions, but there have also been several difficult moments. I will be extremely proud of what we have achieved, but after the season I will try to refresh myself and do what I need to do in the background to make this group as strong and competitive as possible. I want to take this club back to the Champions League."