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Raheem Sterling explains why he chose “tailor made” Chelsea

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Raheem Sterling has been racking up trophies with Man City, and could have stayed on that gravy train for a lot longer, even with reduced numbers of starts.

So why leave that easy ride behind and come to Chelsea? The winger explained in his introductory press conference at Cobham today.

He described the club as “tailor made” for his personal goals, and mentioned family as the first factor. After years of living in Liverpool and then Manchester, moving back to his roots in London is clearly a draw for him.

The second factor was the competitiveness of the team – ne noted the “four or five finals” that Chelsea have been over the last few years.

Finally there was the new era being launched by the new ownership.

He put a lot emphasis on the arc of his career – going to Liverpool to break through, winning big at Man City, and now coming back home to close the loop.

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