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Racing's Ricardo Centurión dropped from lineup for training drunk

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Blaise Bourgeois

Ricardo Centurión was removed from the starting lineup on Sunday, and now we know why.

Victor Blanco, president of Racing Club, confirmed that Centurión was relegated from the starting XI for showing up to practice drunk the day before their first Superliga match of the season against Atlético Tucumán.

The club will now evaluate what steps will be taken, which could include legal action, as Centurión failed to meet obligations in his contract.

“Centurión made a mistake and this will go to the legal side to determine what decision is made. He has to be a Racing player all day and night. From the information I have, Centurión drank too much,” Blanco revealed.

However, Blanco believes that Centurión will come back to have a strong season. The 25-year-old scored seven goals and had six assists in 13 matches last season.

“I do not regret that he came back because he has given us a lot and, in general, that performance was due to the fact that he was able to play well, but this can not happen again. This is what led us to re-sign him, but Centurion must fulfill his obligations like every Racing player.”

Centurión only played the last 12 minutes in Racing’s 2-2 draw with Atlético Tucumán, as they let a two-goal lead slip away courtesy of an 87th-minute equaliser.

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