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PSG: Aminata Diallo 'traumatised' after falsely linked with attack on Kheira Hamraoui

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PSG midfielder Aminata Diallo is reportedly "traumatised" after she was arrested over a suspected link with the brutal attack on teammate Kheira Hamraoui.

Hamraoui was attacked on the evening of November 4th as she returned home from a dinner organised by PSG.

The 31-year-old player was dragged out of the car by two men masked in balaclavas, who hit her legs repeatedly with an iron bar. Hamraoui was taken to hospital and given stitches in her hands and legs.

The news of the brutal attack on Hamraoui first broke when Diallo was taken into police custody on November 10th.

It was suspected Diallo, who drove Hamraoui home from the dinner, had orchestrated the attack in order to keep her teammate off the football pitch. Both women play in the same role for both PSG and the French national team.

The 26-year-old Diallo was released from police custody without charge, however, and she has since pleaded her innocence.

According to a report by The Athletic, Diallo was "traumatised" by her experience.

"She wasn’t injured like Kheira but she is a victim too," a source told the website. "She was traumatised."

Diallo’s lawyer, Mourad Battikh, also said the player had been pinned to the steering wheel during the attack. She reportedly had her hair pulled, and was threatened, verbally insulted and hit.

The Athletic also detailed the psychological effect of the attack on Hamraoui on the rest of the PSG team.

On November 12th, the PSG Board asked the French Football Federation (FFF) if the team’s match against arch-rivals Lyon on November 14th could be postponed. The FFF rejected the request.

PSG reportedly brought in two external psychologists to work with the players, and then relayed the psychological impact of the attack on the players to the FFF. The governing body again declined to postpone the game against Lyon.

The match went ahead, and PSG were thrashed 6-1 by Lyon. The side were 2-0 down within 26 minutes, and only had 10 players on the pitch after Ashley Lawrence was shown a straight red card.

Prior to the 6-1 defeat, PSG had not conceded a goal across all competitions in their last 10 matches. They have since defeated Real Madrid 2-0 in the Women's Champions League.

PSG head coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle blamed the impact of the attack for his side’s poor performance against Lyon.

"It’s ruined our mental state," he said. "We were suffering psychologically, morally, it wasn’t easy to hear about nothing but the incident.

"This evening, as soon as there was a mistake, we realised there was a lot of mental fatigue, nobody was able to respond. This result was not against the real PSG team. The psychologists found the group to be very very very affected by what had happened."

Hayet Abidal, the wife of Barcelona legend Eric Abidal, is now reportedly a suspect in the attack on Hamraoui.

It has been alleged that Hayet's involvement in the incident could have been personal revenge for a reported affair between her husband and Hamraoui, although these newspaper reports have not been confirmed by official sources.

that Abidal had admitted to his wife that he’d had an affair with Hamraoui, and Hayet was subsequently planning to file for a divorce.

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