​Potter opens up on Brighton's shrewd transfer dealings against big spending clubs | OneFootball

​Potter opens up on Brighton's shrewd transfer dealings against big spending clubs

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Brighton manager Graham Potter has outlined his club's transfer policy compared to richer clubs.

The Albion are not the largest team in the Premier League, which means they must wheel and deal in the transfer market to ensure their squad remains competitive.

One of their qualities is being able to secure young players for modest fees, improve them, and then sell them on for big money.

For instance, the Albion sold Marc Cucurella and Yves Bissouma to Chelsea and Tottenham this summer for a huge outlay.

Potter told a BT Sport podcast: "You can see there's clubs out there that have spent a lot of money, you know, we're talking hundreds of millions, but haven't quite got it, right.

"So it can't just be about how much money you spend. That would be quite depressing. And I think eventually people would fall out of football if that was just the case.

"I think you always have to provide something beyond that, for it to be of any interest, for it to be anything really important.

He added: "If it's just a transaction, if it's just about money, and everybody's league table is determined by that, then clearly, we're not understanding football, because again, it's about people.

"If you get the wrong people, you get the wrong environment, you don't appreciate how recruitment, aligning the resources with the academy, with who you're bringing in, how much that can damage your X's and O's, your starting 11, then you can burn through a lot of money.

"Of course, there are examples of football clubs that are run incredibly well, let's spend money wisely and do it really well.

"But as I've said previously, we can't necessarily worry about the others. We have to just stick to our own idea and try and make our own idea better."

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