Players who featured for both América and Chivas

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Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Players who featured for both América and Chivas

This weekend, the spotlight will be on the Clásico de Clásicos as Chivas and América go head-to-head in one of the most anticipated chapters of this historic rivalry in several years.

To build up the suspense for the biggest game in Mexican football, we here at Onefootball are touching on several topics of conversation that tie these two prolific clubs together.

Today, we bring you the current players that have featured for both América and Chivas.

Of course in modern-day football, it’s even more difficult to refuse to play for your rivals, regardless of their rojiblanco or azulcrema past, due to the amounts of money involved in today’s game.

However, historical figures such as Ramón Ramírez, Ricardo Peláez, and Oswaldo Sánchez were part of América and Chivas during their football careers.

Peláez has even been part of the hierarchy at both clubs, previously acting as América president and is now the Chivas Director of Football.

Which players from the current América and Chivas squad have belonged to both clubs?

Oribe Peralta

América: 216 games, 73 goals, 27 assists, two Liga MX titles (2014 and 2017 Apertura), one Copa MX (2019 Clausura), two Concacaf Champions Leagues (2015 and 2016).

Chivas: 21 games, two goals, one assist

Jesús Molina

América: 134 games, six goals, one assist, two Liga MX titles (2013 Clausura, 2014 Apertura), one Concacaf Champions League (2015)

Chivas: 55 games, three goals, one assist

Jose Madueña

América: Nine games, one Liga MX title (2014 Apertura), one Concacaf Champions League (2015)

Chivas: Seven games

Rubén ‘Oso’ González

América: 40 games, one Campeón de Campeones (2019)

Chivas: Eight games