🏆 PL Awards: Party poopers, teenage stars and unwanted history

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Padraig Whelan

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The end of the Premier League season may be in sight but the drama certainly is not.

It’s time for us to hand out our weekend awards.

The Party Poopers Award

Man City had the chance to win the league in style at home – but nobody warned Thomas Tuchel and co.

Although they did have a helping hand, which brings us to …

The Time and a Place Award

There’s an ideal moment for a Panenka penalty attempt.

Sorry Sergio but even with hindsight, a league title-clinching game when you are on the brink of a record yourself really isn’t it.

The Something Is Missing Award

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Harry Maguire had played every single minute of Premier League football for Man United since joining before he finally broke down with injury late on against Aston Villa and was replaced by Eric Bailly.

It brought an end to a run of 6,467 minutes of consecutive league minutes for the club.

The Born Again Christian Award

This is much more like the Benteke of old.

The If He Can’t Do It Award

When even Sam Allardyce can’t keep you afloat, then all hope really is lost.

The New Kid On The Block Award

Wayne Rooney. Cristiano Ronaldo. And everyone else … Mason Greenwood has left you in the dust.

The Friends Reunion Award

No, no. Joey, Chandler and the gang aren’t getting back together again (we aren’t counting the one-off special).

But Mo Salah and Sadio Mané did – for the first time in a surprisingly long time!

The Good, Bad and the Ugly Award

It was certainly a Sunday of mixed emotions for Brighton’s Lewis Dunk against Wolves.

The Been There, Dummett Award

Paul Dummett, big game goalscorer? Surprisingly, given the rarity of his goals, it’s true.

The Lack of Steel Award

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It was confirmed in the Premier League long ago that Sheffield United are gone but their neighbours Wednesday joined them in relegation.

As a bonus award, it’s the first time in the Steel City’s history that both teams suffered the drop in the same season.