🏆 PL Awards: Man Utd's gross start as Haaland announces his arrival | OneFootball

🏆 PL Awards: Man Utd's gross start as Haaland announces his arrival

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Padraig Whelan

For the first time this season, after an action-packed opening weekend, it is time to hand out our Premier League awards.

The heaven sent award for dealing with Devils

Insert your own Groß-related pun here. But he absolutely loves it against United and has three more in addition to his three winners.

The death and taxes award for a lifetime certainty

Did anyone really think Erling Haaland wasn’t going to mark his Premier League debut with a goal? He did it in both the Champions League Bundesliga after all.

The kryptonite award for finding Virgil van Dijk’s weakness

Few dribble past Liverpool’s towering Dutch defender. Fewer still beat him to win a penalty. Aleksandar Mitrović pulled off both in the same game.

Who said he can’t cut it in the top flight?

The worth the wait award for a dream debut

Why did it take Mikel Arteta so long to give the supremely-talented defender an opportunity to showcase his abilities?

The six-pack award for Mo Salah’s opening day antics

No, we aren’t referring to his abs. No player has scored on more successive opening days than the Liverpool superstar.

The good company award as Wilson’s streak continues

Salah isn’t the only man who loves the first game of the season. Not a bad man to be equalling when it comes to Newcastle strikers!

The Gennaro Gattuso award for interview honesty

In more ways than one, the City phenom is a welcome addition to the Premier League.

The dead ball award for penalty mastery

When you take penalties this well, who needs to score from open play?

The Rumble in the Jungle award for touchline fisticuffs

Who doesn’t love some afters on the sideline after the whistle?

The vertigo award for Craven Cottage’s camera angle

While the above image may be an exaggeration, it is fair to say that the new TV camera angle on show at Fulham was not a welcome addition.

The three musketeers award for Spurs’ superstars

Picking up where they left off last season, Dejan Kulusevski sparkled on opening weekend as Tottenham ran riot against Southampton.

The warm welcome award for setting in quickly

A combination of generous Aston Villa set-piece defending and ruthlessness from Bournemouth saw them set an interesting Premier League record.

The gallows humour award for seeing the funny side

With Marko Arnautović linked instead, we’re not sure Gary Neville will get his wish on this front when asked by a Barcelona fan how he felt about United’s opening day defeat.