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OneFootball·9 June 2023

📣 Pep on UCL favourites tag, lessons from 2021, Inter and Haaland

Article image:📣 Pep on UCL favourites tag, lessons from 2021, Inter and Haaland

Pep Guardiola has been speaking to the media in Istanbul ahead of Manchester City’s Champions League final against Inter.

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Here is what he has had to say…

On if UCL & treble is a dream or an obsession

“It’s absolutely a dream. Absolutely. To achieve things always have to have the correct portion of obsession, desire. Obsession is a positive word. It’s a dream for all of us.”

On keeping focus despite being heavy favourites

“We know how important the competition is. I don’t control what people have an opinion about, we just focus on what we have to do. I saw as many Inter games to see what we have to do.

“In the end, it’s a football game. The team who performs better over 95 minutes will win. Over history, Inter are bigger than us. It’s not important. Important is tomorrow at 10 pm Istanbul time we give the best performance possible.”

On Inter’s style of play

“For the way they play, high pressing, Onana is a great goalkeeper, the processes, Bastoni on the left side. The quality to link with the strikers, the ability for an extra pass.

“We have to try to defend, I don’t know how, but defend these connections. With the ball, try to attack. Difficult against five at the back, we will try to find a solution to be more effective.”

On lessons from 2021 final loss

“I would like to tell you the lessons but I don’t know. It’s a different game, two years, different players. Two seasons ago, what we planned was to try to have a good game versus Chelsea. It didn’t work, people say the decision was wrong.

“I have a plan tomorrow. If we have success [it] will be good. We are ready, the players will give everything, knowing and respecting the opponents. Go for it.”

On Haaland’s four-game goal “drought”

“I’m not here to discuss the average for Haaland scoring goals. If you have doubts about that, you are the only person. I don’t have doubts, tomorrow he will be ready to help us win the Champions League.

“[How to be a good coach?] Have good players… I had [Lionel] Messi in the past and [Erling] Haaland now. I am not joking.”

On City fans possibly booing the UEFA anthem

“It is a day to celebrate. Inter fans, City fans, a day to be happy. Celebrate being here. Finish, what happens in the past is the past. It’s an incredible competition, UEFA organise it, and we support unconditionally what they’re doing. We aren’t going to boo again and have fun.”