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Pellegatti suggests a ‘sensational’ position change for Ibrahimovic as key man struggles

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The struggle for form that Brahim Diaz is currently battling has led to certain suggestions from pundits and fans regarding adjustments Stefano Pioli could make, and Carlo Pellegatti has suggested something pretty radical.

There has been a notable decline in performance from several players compared to the start of the season too and the most striking example is certainly Brahim Diaz, who scored 4 goals in the first 9 games of the season including three match-winners, but since he had Covid in October he has been poor.

This has led to various suggestions ranging from a switch in formation to buying a player in the transfer market and even experiments such as Franck Kessie moving further up into an advanced role, as seen in the 4-2 win over Empoli in the game before Christmas.

Pellegatti has written a column for MilanNews during which he spoke about the mercato and about the recent controversial incident at the end of Milan-Spezia, but in the final paragraph he hypothesised an interesting tactical idea.

“In the meantime, I would like to suggest a sensational move to Stefano Pioli. The idea comes from having just finished the book ‘Adrenalina’ by Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” he begins.

“On page 234, ‘Ibra Supremacy’ reads: ‘I like this: always have full control of the offensive manoeuvre, know the position of teammates and opponents, to be able to decide the action with a pass, a hole, a header’. The Swedish champion often plays already as number 10, moving on the entire offensive front. Why not entrust him with the direction of the attack manoeuvre, a job that he could do with great effectiveness, given his class, his vision of the game, his physicality?

“Nobody is asking him to move back to the midfield line, but he could be a fantastic point of reference up front with Giroud or Rebic, centre-forwards. Stefano Pioli is brave. Once, in a press conference, I quoted him a phrase from Mario Draghi: ‘If you lose courage, you lose everything!’.

“As Ancelotti had the brilliant idea of ​​re-inventing Pirlo in front of the defence, the ‘Duke of Parma’ could revolutionise Milan in the second half of the season, developing a conviction, already revealed in Empoli with Franck Kessiè, to put more physicality in the last 20 metres. It would be a sight to see Ibra phrasing with Leao, with Giroud or Rebic.”

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