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<p>Albacete's relegation and its causes</p>

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After the victories of Logroñés and Alcorcón, Albacete's relegation to the Primera RFEF was made official.Albacete have become the first team to be relegated to the First RFEF, after the draw against the Lugo yes Alcorcón won his match and the Logroñés If Alcorcón got the three points, the team from La Mancha would be relegated. And so it was, the Alcorcón beat 2-0 to the Sabadelland Logroñés beat Logroñés by 1-0 at the Fuenlabrada. After knowing the mathematical relegation of Albacete, let's see what have been the main causes of relegation.

Sports management

The first and foremost cause was poor sports planning, directed by Mauro Perez. Albacete had approximately 7 million euros to restructure a squad that had just come from salvation but hardly any signings were made, and the players who did arrive haven't contributed much this season. In December Mauro Perez was dismissed after leaving a debt of 981.000 euros, y Toni Cruz was hired without previously warning of the debt that had the club, this caused that the set manchego could not just sign, the only thing Toni could do was to bring free Tana and Dani Torres, and get Cedric Teguia on loan.. Lousy sporting planning, but the big culprit of all this is Mauro Perez.

Too many coaches

It usually happens in the teams relegated. Albacete have had 4 coaches this season. Continued with Lucas AlcarazHe failed to win in the first 5 games and was sacked. Then came Aritz Lopez and their style of play was incompatible with the players that were there, in December a Menéndez that started very well, but ended up deflating. To finish, Noguerol was appointed coach after the dismissal of Menendez, to try to redirect a very complicated situation.

Lack of goals

The team from Castilla la Mancha has only been in the 27 goals scoredThat's far too low a figure for a team during a competition. Just look at the numbers of Alba's two strikers: Ortuño has 7 goals and most of them in the final stretch of the season, and Zozulia who has only 2 goals to his name in the whole championship. That is to say, between the two offensive references of Albacete only total 9 goalsIt's very difficult to achieve permanence like that.

Poor defensive solidity

Albacete has conceded 48 goalsis a very abundant number of goals conceded. But you have to focus on the amount of defensive errors they have made, being a sieve in certain games. There is an very clear example, and it is that of the Girona match.a game that Albacete had dominated until the 90th minute that conceded two goals in stoppage time which showed a lack of concentration in the final minutes..

Few players have demonstrated

Few players have shown what they are and what they are capable of. like Ortuño, Zozulia, Gorosito or even Manu Fuster. If you look at the squad of Albacete there are very few salvageable players in the squad. The only players who may be able to stay in the category are: Tomeu Nadal who has been giving a great level since Albacete is in the second division, Boyomo who has had a great season despite only being 19 years old and finally, the best of the season Alvaro Jimenez, the ex of the Sporting has been the best of Alba despite the mistakes he has had as the penalty against Lugo.

Now it's up to Albacete to put together a competitive squad for next season and try to go up as soon as possible, I'm keeping the Noguerol's words at a press conference: "The Alba fans have a quality, humility, a reflection of the city, they will be annoyed as those of us who love the club but they will chew it and the real ones will be there, life goes on, it's a disappointment but we have to move forward.". Now speaking subjectively and as an Alba fan I think Noguerol should continue as coach next season.

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