Ozil’s agent reveals how much he would have made if he had left Arsenal

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Article image: Ozil’s agent reveals how much he would have made if he had left Arsenal

Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr Ergut Sogut reckons that the German would have made £30 million from signing on fees if he had left the club in 2018 instead of signing a new deal at the Emirates.

Arsenal faced losing Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in six months at the time and they were desperate to keep both players in their team.

They eventually managed to keep hold of the German while sending Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United in a swap deal.

The German’s performance has, however, dropped since that time and the club has been struggling to sell him.

The Gunners have now omitted him from their Premier League and Europa League team for the season after he refused to leave the club.

A very few fans and pundits have slammed the club for their treatment of the former Real Madrid man, and Ozil also accused the club of lacking loyalty.

In what a minority will see as loyalty to the Gunners, his agent has now revealed that he turned down the very huge signing on fee from another team.

Speaking to ESPN, the agent said: ”Maybe [Arsenal’s] goal was to wait until the end and Mesut would say ‘I want to leave’.

“If Mesut would have done that, the club can say he wants to go and if they can’t find him a club, they have an excuse and can say ‘we can’t register you because you wanted to leave’.

“But they knew for a long time that Mesut wanted to stay. He made it very clear. Maybe they wanted him to feel unwanted and unwelcome, but he wants to play for the badge.

“Mesut is 32 years old. He has a few more years in his career, but it is more about the way of treatment. Mesut is someone who fights for his rights. The contract was a big commitment for him.

“He could have left for another club like Alexis Sanchez did.

“He could have left and got a £30million signing-on fee [somewhere else] as a free agent at the peak of his career. But he stayed loyal.

“Maybe the club will change their position in January and register him. You never know what will happen.”

What Dr Sogut failed to mention is the £150 million Ozil has cost the club and the appalling level of performance in return.

Ozil has done just fine for himself, he has milked Arsenal for every single penny he could without keeping up his end of the deal and yet he and his representatives continue to play the victim. No wonder so many Arsenal fans deride him now.