Orlando Pride break NWSL win streak record | OneFootball

Orlando Pride break NWSL win streak record | OneFootball

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·25 May 2024

Orlando Pride break NWSL win streak record

Article image:Orlando Pride break NWSL win streak record

The Orlando Pride extended its win streak to eight games on Friday night after a 2–1 victory over the Portland Thorns. In doing so, the Pride broke the NWSL record for consecutive wins.

Seattle Reign FC previously held the NWSL win-streak record after winning seven games to open the 2014 season. That year, the Reign went on to top the league standings and claim the NWSL Shield.

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A marquee matchup

Anticipation was high for the game between Orlando and Portland. The Pride entered the match at the top of the league table with seven wins, three draws, and no losses.

Meanwhile, the Thorns had a rocky start to the season. But they turned their fortunes around by notching an impressive six consecutive wins heading into the Memorial Day weekend matchup.

A clash between two in-form teams is always exciting. In this case, fans were eager to see if Orlando could maintain its unbeaten run or if Portland’s resurgence would continue. But of course, it was the Pride who prevailed.

A record-breaking recipe

The biggest question surrounding Orlando’s NWSL win-streak record is how the team achieved it.

Despite the Pride’s best efforts, success hasn’t come easy for most of the team’s existence. Orlando has always had stellar players, but the club has lacked the consistency and domination needed to rise above the lower and middle levels of the league standings.

So far, this season, that has all changed. Orlando remains undefeated after 11 games, but their success is far from a fluke.

Since head coach Seb Hines took over in 2022, the team has undergone a steady and deliberate transformation. The coaching staff’s commitment to rebuilding the midfield has been particularly evident this season.

As shown during the game against Portland, the revamped midfield provides a solid foundation for the team’s defensive efforts while fueling the attack. Sure, Barbra Banda is bringing in the goals. But she and Marta wouldn’t be as threatening without the rejuvenated midfield to back them up.

The combination of tactical innovation and newfound spirit has also been key to Orlando’s impressive run this season. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this success for Pride fans is that it’s only May.

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