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Alex Mott

Article image: ⭐️ Onefootball's greatest ever teams: In 16th place is ...

Our countdown of the 20 greatest club teams ever continues today.

And in 16th place we have …

Chelsea 2004-06

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Why are they here?

  • Premier League winners (2005, 2006)
  • League Cup winner (2005)
  • Fewest goals conceded in a Premier League season (15), set a new record for most wins in a season (29)

The stars

  • John Terry
  • Frank Lampard
  • Didier Drogba

I think I am the special one.

— José Mourinho

And with that, a marker was laid down to the rest of the Premier League because there was a new sheriff in town.

José Mourinho arrived from Porto as a Champions League winner and immediately hit English football between the eyes.

His brashness put plenty of noses out a joint but it wouldn’t have worked were his Chelsea team an expensive mess.

Reader, they weren’t.

The Chelsea of Mourinho’s first season took the Premier League into a new era, one where every defeat was seen as a catastrophe, every dropped point something that could cost dearly.

The west London outfit hadn’t won the title in 50 years but it took the Portuguese tactician only eight months to get his hands on that most cherished bit of silverware.

Bolton was the venue at the end of April, 2005, with Frank Lampard – who else? – netting both in a 2-0 win.

The sign of a truly great champion though, is repeating success.

Back-to-back titles are difficult for a reason but Mourinho’s Chelsea once again beat Manchester United and Arsenal to the title, despite Frank Lampard leading their scoring charts with only 16 goals.

Some have used that statistic as one to beat the Blues with, that they were uninspired winners, playing stodgy football despite swimming in cash.

But that fails to acknowledge that they were arguably the best defence we’ve ever seen in English football, with Petr Cech, Paulo Ferreria, John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho and Ashley Cole conceding just 37 goals in two seasons.

And that also fails to mention the likes of Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole and Didier Drogba – all at their peak here, and all absolutely outstanding.

This was a squad filled with pace, power, intensity and intelligence and more often than not, it was thrilling to watch.