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Emily Wilson

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The jam-packed summer of football continues and this time we’re off to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

We’ve gathered a few minds together at OneFootball HQ to predict what will happen in women’s football over in Japan.

Here is what everyone had to say…

What match are you looking forward to the most?

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Emily Wilson: It will take a while until the match of the tournament, but I predict the bronze medal match to be one of the best. It’s easy to pick the final as the one will all the entertainment but it’s the podium or nothing for two teams on 5 August so expect it to be a battle.

Annika Becker: Look, I know there is the classic Sweden v USA, but I always have a heart for the underdog. It’s Zambias first international tournament outside the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations. So, in good Olympic spirit I’m happy to see them take part.

Lewis Ambrose: What can be better than kicking off with the host nation against one of the favourites? Japan v Great Britain is on Saturday and it has all the ingredients to be a belter.

Nina Probst: I am particularly looking forward to Japan’s opening match against Chile. Japan are playing an Olympic tournament at home and are also favourites – that promises a lot of power and beautiful women’s football.

Who is your player to watch?

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EW: I’m speaking with my heart here, but I have to go with Canadian centre-back Kadeisha Buchanan. An automatic starter for Lyon and the national team she embodies all the qualities you’d want in a defender. Her resume speaks for itself; four UWCL titles and a bronze medal amongst other honours and she’s only 25!

AB: At just 18 years old Sweden’s talented Hanna Bennison still has a long way to go, but I’m excited to see what she can bring to their midfield.

LA: Mana Iwabuchi was superb for Aston Villa after joining midway through last season and has since joined Arsenal. She’s one of the potential stars of the tournament.

NP: Japan’s Yuzuho Shiokoshi has been performing strongly last time. The young midfielder could make life difficult for some experienced footballers and also provide goals for Japan.

Which team could make a surprise run for a medal?

EW: Even though they’re participating in their first Olympics, everyone should keep their eye on the Netherlands to finish on the podium. They’re current European Champions and World Cup runners up, plus it will be the best send-off for outgoing manager Sarina Wiegman.

AB: Japan could very well go for a medal. It’s their home turf after all and Saki Kumagai is looking as calm but ambitious as ever. But this could also be Sweden’s tournament.

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LA: Emily and Annika have taken both of my picks! I’ll side with Emily — the Netherlands have the quality to beat anyone, especially with Vivianne Miedema up front.

NP: Chile surprised in their test match against Germany, forcing the young DFB team to a 0-0 draw. Chile is participating in an Olympic tournament for the first time and could cause a surprise this year.

Who will finish as tournament top scorer?

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EW: I would have gone with Sam Kerr, but I think Brazil will have a longer run in the tournament than Australia so I’ll tip Debina to finish top scorer. She’s sure to put a few goals away during the group stage and as a decisive player in the squad, you can expect the same in the knockout rounds.

AB: The phenomenon that is Vivianne Miedema has changed her style of play a little in recent seasons but Oranje will be utalising her ability to score.

LA: Fran Kirby comes into the tournament off the back of a season in a lifetime and Great Britain will be aiming to go a long way. I’m backing her.

NP: At 35, Brazil’s Bruna Benites already has a lot of experience. She scored twice in the preparation against Russia and could also provide some goals in the Olympic tournament.

And last but not least, who will take home gold?

EW: An easy answer, but it’s hard to argue with it. The United States will bounce back from their shock Olympic run in 2016 and leave Tokyo with gold.

AB: Speaking of the Netherlands: they bring a great squad with a good mix of talent and experience and an offence that can make up for possible trouble in defence.

LA: With Hege Riise at the helm instead of Phil Neville, Great Britain have the boost they needed to go a little further and truly challenge. The WSL is stronger than ever and I think that’s going to help them on their way to gold.

NP: I think Japan could win the gold medal in Tokyo. But the USA is also high on my list of favourites.