Nicky Butt explains leaving Man Utd

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Nicky Butt insists he left his youth development job at Manchester United on his own terms.

The former United midfielder left his role as the club's head of first-team development last month after nine years in coaching and player development roles at the academy.

"It wasn't a wrench to go if I'm honest, I love the club, always have and always will. But I knew it was my time to leave and maybe get some new challenges and start something different," he told Sky Sports.

Butt, who spent 12 years as a first-team player at United, said there was no fallout that led to his decision to leave the club.

"No, not at all, I was comfortable in my job, comfortable in my surroundings, it was just a personal choice to leave the club because I felt like it was my time to go and explore other opportunities," he said.

"Obviously, with what's gone on over the last few days, it looks like there was a reason why I left, but that wasn't the reason, my reason for leaving was purely to accept new challenges that hopefully will come soon."