Neymar: “What I want the most is to play with Lionel Messi again”

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Article image: Neymar: “What I want the most is to play with Lionel Messi again”

Following PSG’s 3-1 victory over Manchester united in which Neymar scored two goals en route for a victory, the Brazilian stated that he would like to reunite with Lionel Messi. In a post-match interview with ESPN, Neymar opened up on his most desired wish.

“What I want the most is to play with him (Messi). He can come here, to my team. No problem! Next year we have to do it. I want to enjoy with him on the pitch again. I want to enjoy the moments with him again. “Neymar | Post-match interview

While Neymar laughed a lot during the 20-second clip, he looked like he really wants to play with his best friend again. Of course, the Brazilian left Camp Nou in 2017 but his friendship with Leo Messi has not stopped.

If this is a cry for the next Barcelona president to snap him up, it would be a superb move for Barcelona. Neymar, despite what presidential candidate Toni Freixa thinks, is one of the world’s best and would be able to take over Messi’s throne when he retires. Of course, Barça do not have the current funds to afford him, but it wouldn’t be surprising if a move happened upon Neymar’s request.