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Newcastle hero Taylor: Any new signing must commit to city

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Newcastle United hero Steven Taylor says the club's takeover won't mean instant success.

Taylor thinks whoever replaces former manager Steve Bruce, it will not be a quick fix and any new players must adapt to the city.

"It's not going to be an overnight fix, it's still going to be difficult for the next manager who comes in whether it'll be a Steven Gerrard or a Frank Lampard but I do think that Newcastle fans will accept that in moving the club forward, get to January, can you bring four or five players in, do well this season and then really hit off next season," Taylor told BBC Sport.

"But there's still no talk on how much they will be spending, you've got to be careful in getting in the right players. They've got to come to the football club and understand what it's like in the city, playing for Newcastle United. It's not like your London teams where after the weekend talking about and they go back to their normal way of living.

"When you live in Newcastle and you're from the area, all week they are talking about it. I remember going to the supermarket you'll get an old granny coming up to you saying listen pull your finger out and make sure it doesn't happen again next week and that's just a little bit of what it means to the city and you've got to buy into that.

"These players expect the privacy, you ain't going to get the privacy, you're professional footballers in Newcastle, expect to interact with the fans.

"The biggest factor is how the are they going to bring the big names in, with their families, how are they going to buy into it because I've played with players over the years who just want to go to London and go back to Europe, they didn't enjoy the city, they've got to come and they've got to buy into it."

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