Napoli coach Rino Gattuso denies blasting players after AC Milan defeat

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Article image: Napoli coach Rino Gattuso denies blasting players after AC Milan defeat

Napoli coach Rino Gattuso has denied rowing with his players after defeat to AC Milan on the weekend.

Napoli meet Rijeka in the Europa League on Thursday.

Gattuso insisted there was no confrontation with the team after the game against the Rossoneri.

“The team must to think about working," he said at a press conference.

“Those who work in the world of football have the fortune to earn important figures and be protected.

“We don't have to think about anything else, otherwise we look for excuses. Those who know me know that I don't want people who think about alibis. I do this job with passion. It's too easy to talk about salaries.

“We are playing good football but we need malice and competitive wickedness. I'm happy. If someone thought we had to make 130 points, it's not my problem.

“I only spoke to the team, I expressed my words. There was no quarrel. I see the commitment during the week, I see a sense of belonging, but it is not enough. I want to see more.

“The reading of the matches is fundamental," he continued.

“We know how to suffer, we must start smelling the danger again. You can't play well for 90 minutes, there are times when you have to put on the helmet and play a different football, that's what I want.

“There are moments of caressing and complimenting, others of telling 'Fu… off' to who deserves it. All I said is this team has to raise the bar, it has to smell the danger and help each-other.

“We have to think in many games we missed the first half but this team is good and has qualities."