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Mind games! Lampard jabs at Mourinho over Spurs job 🥊

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Lewis Ambrose

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard hasn’t hesitated to fire shots at his old boss José Mourinho.

The pair are used to being on the same side, having spent successful times together at Chelsea when Lampard was still a player and Mourinho was in charge.

Now, though, they are London rivals after Mourinho took over at Tottenham.

Asked on Friday if he could ever make the switch across the capital, Lampard held back a laugh.

“I can firmly say no,” answered the Blues legend.

“It wouldn’t happen.”

Mourinho had previously said he would not move to north London but, a few years down the line, here we are.

In his old manager’s own style, Lampard was then quick to jibe at Mourinho and his supposed love for Chelsea.

“Things are different, José Mourinho’s worked for a lot of football clubs,” he added.

“I played here for 13 years and have an absolutely deep feeling for the club.

“Chelsea certainly are very close to my heart, hence I am so proud to manage this club and hence I wouldn’t manage Tottenham.

“Some things you wouldn’t do because of what Chelsea have given me over my time here as a player, what they’ve given me now.”


We look to the sides facing each other at Spurs on 22 December.

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