Mihajlovic on the 3-3 draw with the Viola

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“We did well. We scored three great team goals and were well on top; we wouldn’t have deserved to lose today. I didn’t want to speak about the officiating; I was indifferent about it for the whole game and don’t intend to comment on it. Vignato? He’s a great player. One month ago, I said that I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t picked for the Italy U21 side and I repeat that. He does well whenever he plays and was brilliant today. Rodrigo? He beat another record today and the hattrick deserved a victory. Our young players can grow a lot with him as an example. He will decide what he wants to do next season; he’s 39 but plays like a 25-year-old. He’s full of integrity and is intelligent. When Palacio plays, even if he doesn’t score, he opens up the space for his teammates.”