Michel Platini hits out at Aleksander Ceferin: “The people and the media did what UEFA couldn’t; unite the clubs”

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It’s been a traumatic season, but no event has shaken the European game’s tree more than the controversial and much-despised plan for a Super League. Real Madrid and Juventus appear the architects, with nine other clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, also involved. The six English clubs, Atletico and the two other Italian clubs have all abandoned the plan, but Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona are still committed.

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Michel Platini, a legendary French footballer and the previous president of UEFA, has spoken out about the Super League idea according to Mundo Deportivo, taking a shot against current UEFA chief, and key critic of the Super League, Aleksander Ceferin in the process. Platini, responsible for the bizarre, multi-nation Euro 2020 we’re on the eve of, is a controversial figure to say the least.

“This conflict makes me laugh, he said. “For 50 years, clubs have been trying to change the formula of European competition and this time they almost succeeded. But there was a strong reaction from the fans and the press, so it was shut down. The people and the media did what UEFA couldn’t; unite the clubs.”

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Platini spoke on the same day UEFA suspended disciplinary proceedings against Barcelona, Madrid and Juventus, despite much bombast from European football’s governing body in the immediate aftermath of the Super League launch. It had been suggested there would be a two-year Champions League ban for the three clubs alongside a substantial fine, but it seems that won’t be the case.

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