‘Merseyside Reds’: Premier League midfielder mocks Liverpool on Twitter

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Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn has taken to Twitter to mock Liverpool, the ‘Merseyside Reds’, and Manchester City following the announcement of the Super League over the weekend.

Liverpool confirmed on Sunday night that they will be one of the 12 founding members of the Super League, a brand new European competition to potentially replace the Champions League.

Replying to The Mail’s Oliver Holt, McGinn aimed a dig at the clubs involved by saying they should be given different names until the end of the season. He names Man Blue and Merseyside Red as alternative monikers for Manchester City and Liverpool.

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Aston Villa are not one of the clubs involved in the Super League and McGinn is clearly enjoying the banter on social media. It is just some light-hearted jesting from the Scottish international midfielder, in reference to PES’ lack of naming rights to a number of Premier League clubs. Although, PES actually have the licenses for Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus, so they can retain their names, John!

Backlash is to be expected when such a major announcement is made as it is impossible to please everyone in the world, but at least some are not taking it too seriously. Nothing has been finalised yet and Liverpool have not had a chance to fully explain their reasoning behind joining the Super League, which could yet answer some questions supporters may have.