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·2 April 2022

Mathias Jensen open to staying with Brentford

Article image:Mathias Jensen open to staying with Brentford

Mathias Jensen says he favours staying with Brentford next season.

The Dane's contract carries an option to extend on the Bees' side.

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With a deal to 2023, Jensen said: "I had hoped I would play more. So it's not like I'm dissatisfied with my minutes, but I felt like a big part of the team moving up and I've pretty much played every game since I went to Brentford.

"But I came a little crooked into the season, due to the injury I got in the European Championship semi-final. The team did really well and then it's just hard for a coach to switch out and I may not have been continuous enough in my performances either.

"I have done well with matches, but I have not hit the level I think I can play at, over enough matches for a long period. That's what I feel, I'm getting a little closer now - a level where I feel I can do it over many matches.

"There is an option in that contract so the club can extend it by one more year, so in my head I not only have a year and a half left, but of course we have to look at the options if the club does not want more.

"But as I said, I'm fine, and I feel that I have a reasonably large role on the team. Although I do not play every minute, after all I have been there for almost three years and have helped move the club up in the Premier League.

"Me and the family are doing well in London, so it must be very few minutes in the rest of the season that can make me play somewhere else next season."

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