Martin O'Neill feels Aston Villa should have won 2010 EFL Cup final

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Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Martin O'Neill feels Aston Villa should have won 2010 EFL Cup final

Former Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill feels that his Aston Villa side were robbed of a glorious victory in the 2010 EFL Cup final against Manchester United.

In O’Neill’s final season as Villa manager, United came out 2-1 winners to deny the Northern Irishman a trophy.

In an interview with Stats Perform News, O’Neill still feels that referee Phil Dowd was in the wrong not to award his side a penalty in the fifth minute when Nemanja Vidić took down Gabby Agbonlahor in the box.

James Milner would put it away but Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney would bag goals of their own to give the Red Devils their only trophy of the season.

“Going back 10 years, we had a very fine side, we had some really good players,” O’Neill said.

“I think if you talk about teams at that time, Manchester United were a really good counter-attacking team.

“They were a counter-attacking team who would suck sides in and then they could break with their pace on the sides and brilliant, brilliant players all over the pitch.

“But we were an excellent counter-attacking team too. We had pace in the side, strength in the back, we invited teams on to us and then we could break.

“We had Ashley Young, James Milner – who is still brilliantly plying his trade, Agbonlahor, John Carew, a strong midfield too, [Habib] Beye, [Stiliyan] Petrov, so it was a really good side.

“Sorry, I’m just digressing because I’m starting to think about my team.

“To be robbed of the final of the League Cup in 2010, the referee Mr Dowd who made up the rules as he went along!

“Vidić should have been sent off after five minutes, those were the rules of the game, but the referee decided to make up his own rules – must have been about 20 minutes before the game started.

“We would have gone on to have won that.”