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Marcelo Bielsa explains £3m donation to former club Newell's Old Boys

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Lewis Ambrose

Marcelo Bielsa sent Newell’s Old Boys a nine-minute long video message as the club revealed their new training facility and hotel on Sunday.

The Leeds United manager made a €4m donation to the club where he started both his playing career and his coaching career.

“From the club who formed me, I received more from Newell’s Old Boys than what I gave to them,” Bielsa said.

“I’m actually paying a debt to Newell’s Old Boys rather than making a gift.”

“From 1992 until now, I’ve had very few opportunities to communicate with Newell’s fans.

“The last time this happened was when they designated my name to the Coloso del Parque.

“That day I remember as one of the happiest of my life. To feel loved, and for this to be expressed by 40,000 people of which I feel one amongst them, has been an emotion which is hard to explain.

“As time went by I understood, or reached the conclusion, that all my professional career and a great part of my personal development I owed to Newell’s and Jorge [Griffa].

“In that respect, I honestly believe that all I have received is a lot more than what I gave, or what I offered.”

“Newell’s are currently 18th in the Argentinian Superliga while Bielsa is faring better with Leeds, who sit top of the Championship table.