Marcelo Bielsa 'chased fans with a grenade' after defeat in Argentina

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Phil Costa

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Marcelo Bielsa is known as ‘El Loco’ for a reason, and this story from his days in Argentina outlines his eccentric personality perfectly.

In a report from the Daily Mail, they explain how the 63-year-old told defender Fernando Gamboa that he’d chop off his own finger if it meant a victory, or how he was often locked in a toilet by his assistant Jorge Griffa to stop fits of rage after defeat.

But this story from his time at Newell’s Old Boys could be the best of them all.

“When he was coach at Newell’s in 1992, the club lost a match 6-0 and a group of ultras turned up at his home to complain.

“Legend has it that when he opened the front door, Bielsa was holding a grenade in his hand and he threatened to pull the pin if the fans did not leave.

“When the supporters did flee, Bielsa then chased them down the street and shouted ‘do you still want to talk?’ whilst in his pyjamas.”

Can we suggest a tip to Leeds fans?

Maybe wait for official events to vent any frustrations!