Manchester United fans protest at Carrington against Glazer ownership

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Manchester United fans have continued their protests of the Glazer family in stunning fashion, taking to the club’s training ground Carrington to make their voices heard.

After executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward handed in his resignation, supporters wanted to use that momentum to topple the ownership they’ve been so vocally against all these years.

United’s participation in the formation of the controversial European Super League saw fans criticise the club harshly and call for action.

Woodward may be stepping down soon but supporters were not happy with how co-owner Joel Glazer had a major say in the ESL too.

Many feel it’s the perfect time to get rid of the club’s traitorous owners and some even went to confront some of the staff.

It’s understood no one was harmed and although police were called to the scene, no one was arrested as the protest subsided peacefully.

Given how the news is trending on Twitter in particular, the group of protesters may feel they were successful in their attempt to make sure their voices were heard.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer probably wouldn’t be a fan of any disruptions to his preparations for the clash vs Leeds United on Sunday whether or not he’s pro-Glazer or not.