📺 Man Utd sit top of the Premier League VAR table

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Lewis Ambrose

We’re almost through an entire Premier League season with VAR, and some will be happier with its application than others.

By some, we mostly mean Manchester United fans. United saw an incredibly tight offside go their way in the 2-0 win over Crystal Palace on Thursday, denying the Eagles a second half equaliser.

That was the 53rd goal disallowed by VAR so far this season, and Dale Johnson at ESPN has curated a few more stats around video technology in England’s top flight.

There have been a total of 25 goals awarded that wouldn’t have stood, so we’ve ‘lost’ 28 goals in total over the course of the campaign.

But the things fans will really want to know is how their club has been effected.

Well, Manchester United certainly can’t complain about how VAR has been used. A league-high SEVEN goals against United have been ruled out by VAR, while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side haven’t seen ANY of their goals chalked off all season.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sheffield United and West Ham have had the misfortune of having five goals disallowed each.

VAR obviously works in two ways – one for objective, factual decisions, like offside or where a foul occurred. The other is subjective decisions, like whether something was a foul or a handball.

Along with Crystal Palace, Manchester United have had a league-high six subjective decisions go in their favour. Brighton and Newcastle can count themselves lucky too, they’ve not had a single subjective decision go against them.

Others haven’t been so lucky. A total of four subjective calls have gone against each of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Norwich and Southampton.

So much for VAR decisions favouring the top clubs. When it comes to overturned decisions, though, it is definitely one of the big boys who have gained the most.

Net VAR overturns

  • Man Utd  +8
  • Brighton +7
  • Crystal Palace +4
  • Burnley +3
  • Newcastle +3
  • Liverpool +2
  • Leicester +1
  • Southampton +1
  • Tottenham +1
  • Bournemouth 0
  • Everton -1
  • Man City -1
  • Watford -1
  • Arsenal -2
  • Chelsea -2
  • Aston Villa -3
  • Norwich -5
  • Sheffield United -5
  • West Ham -5
  • Wolves -5