Man Utd fullback Shaw: Fatigue no factor for England players

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Manchester United fullback Luke Shaw says fatigue is no excuse for England heading into the Euros.

Shaw has claimed the short rest between the end of the season and the start of the European Championship this weekend has given him time to recuperate.

“It's been a very hard gruelling season with a lot of games but I think when it comes to a major tournament with your country fatigue for me goes out of the window," he said.

"You want to give your life for this team, you want to give every single thing you've got left to make the team happy and to make the whole nation happy.

“Like I said, fatigue isn't an option really. I think we've got amazing settings here, the recovery stations and the staff putting things into place are unbelievable, and things like that are going in the right direction.

“I'm pretty sure everyone's going to be 100% ready for each game no matter how many games there are, no matter whether they're close or not. The settings here at this camp are really perfect and everyone's going to be 100 per cent each game."

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