Man United to earn more than Arsenal and Chelsea in the Super League

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Manchester United to outearn the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea in the European Super League

According to Mundo Deportivo (h/t Sport Witness), Manchester United will be amongst the highest earners even among the clubs that will tentatively take part in the European Super League.

The Red Devils are among six English clubs who have committed to the breakaway competition. Made up of some of the most iconic teams from across the continent, the Super League is a money churning machine that can help teams rake in the gold.

As per the report, €3.5bn would be made available for the teams taking part. However, this will not be split evenly.

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The competing clubs will be arranged in a tier-based system with the ones at the top raking in more than those below them.

There are four such levels, and the teams would be classified depending on their economic potential and the revenue have generated over recent years. This is good news for United who despite their drought on the pitch have succeeded off it.

United are currently the fourth most valuable football club according to Forbes. All six English clubs in the Super League fall within the top 10 in the same list. Finally an explanation as to why Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur made the cut.

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English domination?

United will share the top tier alongside teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona among others. This will allow us to bring in €350m from the pot.

Tier 2 is expected to rake in €225m, while Tier 3 and Tier 4 will take home €112.5m and €100m respectively. The bottom tier could very well be reserved for the rotational teams that take part on a yearly basis. (h/t Sport Witness)

Of the other English teams, Liverpool are the one closest to us on the Forbes list. It is entirely possible that they and Manchester City could also find a place for themselves at the top tier.

The same cannot be said of Chelsea and Arsenal who will have to settle for a lower payday.

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While nothing is confirmed yet, the crazy amount of money involved is a reminder of why these clubs for the controversial league. Whether they will eventually get their way remains to be seen.