Man United boss Solskjaer launches surprising attack on Klopp over penalty decisions

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer blames Jurgen Klopp for Manchester United not being awarded penalties

According to The Guardian, Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has blamed Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp for his side not getting the penalty decisions they deserve.

The Reds boss stoked flames when he remarked earlier this year that United have won more penalties in the last two years in comparison to his tenure at Liverpool.

United have, in recent matches, seen some decisions go against them especially in regards to penalties. While Solskjaer was tactful enough to not mention Klopp by name, his accusation was fairly self-explanatory.

Manchester United and Liverpool will play each other on 24 October.

“There was a certain manager last year who was starting to worry about us getting penalties and after that it seems like the decisions are more difficult to give.”

Solskjaer insisted that he is just asking for what he feels his side deserves. The Norwegian believes his side should have been awarded three penalties in their last two games.

“We just have to hope we get what we deserve. We should have had three pens in the last two games [versus West Ham, on Sunday and Wednesday].”

United believe they have not been handed favourable decisions by officials.

The United boss has also hinted that match officials appear reluctant to give United a favourable decision post-Klopp’s comments. He remains hopeful that those in charge will start making the right decisions soon.

“Surely I’ve seen a big, big difference since then on. But we just have to leave it up to the refs and hope that they will make the right calls very soon.”

United play Liverpool at Old Trafford on 24 October. It is fair to say that both managers will have something to say if a penalty is awarded that night.

Whether Solskjaer’s stance will be viewed by the Football Association as an attempt to influence Saturday’s officials remains to be seen.

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