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Luis Suarez's goals that never were for Liverpool in 2013/14

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Luis Suarez‘s days at Liverpool were a rollercoaster ride of heady joys and crushing controversies.

Be it for some mercurial madness or succumbing to the red mist, the Uruguayan frontman was never far from the headlines.

While his temperament made him somewhat of a loose cannon, one thing that could never be called into question was Suarez’s ridiculous ability.

The man could manifest magnificence out of thin air and his 2013/14 Premier League season, as he drove the Reds towards an unlikely title, shows just what he was capable of.

Ultimately, Liverpool would fall short but that had very little to do with Suarez. Leading the line in what was an overachieving team, Suarez produced a season the like of which we may never see again.

He netted 31 goals in just 33 games and, for the most part, each and every one was a stunning strike in its own right.

The Uruguayan seemed allergic to scoring Mickey Mouse goals as he made a habit of dropping jaws and leaving baffled defenders in his wake up and down the country.

His single-handed dismantling of Norwich City at Anfield remains one of the greatest individual performances the Premier League has, or will ever see.

The statistics, however, simply don’t tell the full story. Would you believe us if we told you that his once-in-a-generation season was only inches away from being even better?

A video has begun doing the rounds on Twitter showing the epic goals that just didn’t quite go in for Suarez in that season and it’s quite incredible.

The mind will immediately jump to that rocket of a volley against Arsenal but there were a myriad of other oh-so-nearly strikes.

Check out some of the footage in the clip below:

The man was just playing on a completely different planet to the rest of the league, wasn’t he?

The audacity of some of the attempts also just goes to show how confident he was during that season and that he believed that he could genuinely score from just about anywhere.

It almost feels rude to think, ‘what could’ve been’ about a season that was truly unique but you simply can’t help but feel it.

Suarez would swap Anfield for Barcelona at the end of the season where his ridiculous goalscoring antics would kick up a gear as he linked up with Neymar and Lionel Messi.

While his stay in the Premier League was short, we’ll always have that bonkers season to remember him by.

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