Liverpool players were reportedly considering legal advice as Klopp and squad left shocked by ESL involvement

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A report from the Independent, as relayed by a tweet from The Anfield Talk, has claimed that Liverpool’s players were considering legal advice in light of the club’s involvement in talks to form a breakaway league.

With the players putting up a united front against the ownership with an array of messages on social media, the combined efforts of those involved around the club evidently reached John Henry and co.

It’s not a good look for FSG that, apparently, literally no one outside of the highest peaks of the hierarchy was consulted about the Super League proposals.

Given Klopp’s prior comments on the matter, one has to wonder whether the ownership hoped to somehow slip the breakaway league past everyone without being called out for it.

John Henry began his ownership of Liverpool promising to listen – he has in this instance, but we’ve yet to see any sign of this promise being fulfilled to prevent blatantly poor decision-making.