​Liverpool hero Lawrensen claims urgency needed to fix Real Madrid 'mess'

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Liverpool legend Mark Lawrensen has spoken about the changes the Reds must make if they want to fix the "mess" they made against Real Madrid.

The Reds lost the first leg of their Champions League quarter final 3-1 to the Spanish giants in Madrid.

Now they must win 2-0 at home, or win by a margin of three clear goals, if they wish to progress to the semi finals.

Lawrensen told the BBC: "Tuesday was an awful night for Liverpool.

"The first half was a mess, basically. There was no urgency or ideas on the ball – Liverpool created nothing – and no energy or intensity off it.

"To stop Real you have to stop their midfielders from playing because they are the heartbeat of the team. Liverpool didn't do that, and they paid the price.

"Mistakes led to both of Real's goals before the break, but Liverpool looked likely to concede all the time whenever they came under pressure and, defensively, they looked well off the pace.

"Liverpool still have a chance of rescuing themselves (in the second leg), but I have not seen much evidence to suggest they can pull it off."