Liverpool FC face criticism for attempting to trademark the word ‘Liverpool’

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Liverpool FC have come under intense scrutiny after it was revealed FSG are attempting to trademark the word “Liverpool”, according to the Echo.

The Liverpool owners want to protect the club from “those benefiting from unauthentic products”, but reaction to the news has been extremely negative so far.

Northern Premier League club City of Liverpool FC were fiercely critical of FSG when invited to comment on it by the Echo.

“Our club is one of many that will be affected by this trademark application made by Liverpool FC,” the club said.

“We as an ambitious and independent football club feel that we are entitled to use the name of our city in our name.

“We understand that LFC may not have intended to threaten the future of our club, but that is an effect of this application, but even just on a moral basis, we don’t think any private business should be able to own the word ‘Liverpool’ – it simply does not belong to them.”

In a statement, Liverpool FC explained: “We are applying to register ‘Liverpool’ as a trademark but only in the context of football products and services.

“We are not, and wouldn’t ever, seek to register ‘Liverpool’ across the board.

“This application is strictly to protect the club and supporters from those benefiting from inauthentic products.

“The benefits to the club to have this protection in place are to ensure all revenues from official products and services are channelled back into the club and this is reinvested into the team and supporting infrastructure.”