Liverpool could be spared further ludicrous armpit offsides with VAR update

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VAR is set to introduce “thicker” offside lines following the Premier League’s annual meeting.

This comes from chief Times reporter Martyn Ziegler, who confirms that the update will “end the hugely unpopular marginal offsides”.

With the Reds (among a number of Premier League outfits) having been victims of the odd bizarre offside call – ranging from anything to an elbow to a heel being over the lines – it’s a decision that will no doubt appeal as the technology looks to establish fairer decision-making.

Considering that some sides in the league appear to benefit more from VAR’s variable calls, we’re certainly in favour of seeing this change occur.

Of course, this still doesn’t address the main concern with regard to the use of the technology – those operating it at Stockley Park, not to mention the officials actually on the pitch.

The standard of refereeing in the English top-flight leaves much to be desired, which means any change to the technology rather than personnel only goes so far in addressing the root of the issue.

It’s a step in the right direction though and will hopefully lead to further changes being adopted in the long run.

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