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Liverpool boss Klopp: Playing 63 games doesn't help

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp cited fatigue after defeat in the Champions League final to Real Madrid.

The Reds lost 1-0 in Paris.

Asked about playing their 63rd game of the season, Klopp said, "Let me say, that doesn't help, but I don't think it was the reason. We all know, the chances we had, when the player shoots a ball, the ball going in or not is on the foot actually only an inch, that's all. Nothing to do with being at the peak of your physical things or not. We had these situations, the chance in the one-on-one situation from close range from Mo, we know how often Mo scored in these situations. It was just an outstanding save from Courtois, we have to respect that as well.

I think Madrid had one shot on target, is that right? And that was a goal. But, look, I understand 100 per cent and I respect 100 per cent the reason for playing football and having these kinds of competitions is to win the game, and whatever you do – as long as it's in the rules – it's allowed and you can do it. It's completely fine.

"We had to defend as well in moments, just that we blocked the shots or whatever. We played a good game, but when you lose 1-0 you have to admit it was then not good enough. I told the boys in the dressing room after we had a bit of time obviously watching the celebrations of Real Madrid, I told the boys I feel the pride already. But I saw as well I was the only one in the dressing room at that moment. The boys need a little bit longer for that, I understand that."

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