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Licha is always right: Being champion with Chivas is the coolest thing in the world!

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After beating Las Tuzas 4-3 on aggregate, Chivas Femenil confirmed what we already knew: THEY ARE THE BEST TEAM OF THE CLAUSURA 2022 SEASON. Monday night's experience at the Akron Stadium caused all kinds of strong emotions to run high during the match and even more so at the final whistle, as El Rebaño Sagrado's second cup on the pink circuit moved deeply the squad, the more than 40,000 fans in the stands and the millions of red & white fans who watched the game from all over Mexico, the United States and the world.

Thats why all of our players didn’t hold anything back and shared the super intense feeling that invaded them after becoming, by their own merits, Liga MX Femenil’s CHAMPIONS with El Guadalajara. And yes, just like our own 'Licha' says, there is nothing like lifting the cup with Chivas....

Alicia Cervantes: "Being champion with Chivas is the coolest thing in the world, we finally did it, to see all the fans that packed the stadium and supporting us all the time was awesome, this team has a lot of heart, I would be nothing without my teammates, I wouldn't score goals. I can't explain the meaning of this achievement, I wanted it since my first day here”.

Carolina Jaramillo: "I always dreamed about this, to be Champion with any team is something very nice, but to be Champion with the team I’ve always loved is a double dream come true and I was able to live it with the fans and my family, playing at a sold out stadium is very impressive and I can only be grateful to our fans cause they always support us. Honestly once we made it to the playoffs I said 'it's our time’’”.

Blanca Felix: "I am grateful to God, to my teammates, to all the people who have always supported me, this was a debt I felt I owed to myself and to the fans; I knew I was going to save it (the penalty kick), the fans who were always pushing us helped us a lot, there is something more beautiful than being a Champion: being one with the team you love".

Casandra Montero: "It’s something hard to explain, this is what I dreamed of for so long and today I’m living it. Thanks to Chivas, to life, to God, to my mother who was always there for me, thanks to the fans".

Jaqueline Rodriguez: "I can't describe this feeling, I wanted so bad to be Champion with this team and today we finally achieved it, we totally deserved it, we have to enjoy it as this great family that we are now, we had to take advantage of this unbelievable stage to win the cup”.

Karol Bernal: "I have no words to express these emotions, I’m so happy, we deserved it as a team and also the fans who never stopped believing in us".

Joseline Montoya: "It’s a very big emotion, inexplicable, it’s a dream we all had and we worked for it, our fans support is incredible and that motivates us to give everything we have on the field, to fight for every ball, it was a Final and we knew that we had to win it at home".

Araceli Torres: "It’s fantastic to see the stadium like this, all the fans supporting us, with our families on the stands, this cup means tons of work and daily effort of the whole team; we all united and daily hard work make dreams come true".

Gabriela Valenzuela: "I wanted to contribute and there it is, after the blow I had I actually felt dizzy and with a headache, but the desire of being there and the support of our fans made me get up because I wanted to help my team achieve this”.

Susan Bejarano: "It’s something that cannot be explained that easy, it comes from a huge daily effort of all of us, the support of the ChivaHermanos was great, thanks to everyone because they are always with us".

Rubi Soto: "It’s the first Final that I have had the chance to live with Chivas, even though I didn’t play, I supported my teammates all the time; this Championship goes for my mother up there”.

Isabella Gutierrez: “My heart beats for Chivas since I was born, it’s an incredible emotion to live this with my teammates and all my family, to see the stadium like this, packed, is something really cool”.

Celeste Espino: "We are a great team and it’s an honor to share the field with my teammates, it’s a dream to win a championship with Chivas, thanks to the coaching staff, the board of directors and above all to the fans because because we always feel their support and today they made the Akron Stadium roar”.

Michelle Gonzalez: “I’m very grateful to my teammates, to Chivas, to the board, to all the people who have supported us, to my family, this is a unique feeling, I worked hard for it and we all deserved it. I would like to highlight the union we had as a team, thanks to the red and white fans for never stop believing, they were always supporting us and it was spectacular to see the stadium all packed, they had a key role for winning this championship".

Juan Pablo Alfaro: “I’m very grateful to this outstanding group of players, to the board of directors, it’s a wonderful feeling, nothing compares to this, to be champion with Chivas, it means great joy and I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. The fans were spectacular, they played their role, they supported big time at the Akron Stadium”.

Nelly Simon: "It has been 3 years of much sacrifice, we have to keep working and right now enjoy all of this. After that we have to think about the new goals for the next season, the bar is very high, not only for the cup we won, but for the great performance of the team during this semester”.

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